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New to AWS

The following table lists additional resources for users new to AWS:

Resource Description
Development and Test on AWS This paper describes how AWS adds value in the various phases of the software development cycle, with a specific focus on development and test.
Amazon VPC Network Connectivity Options This paper describes connectivity options for integrating remote customer networks with Amazon VPC, as well as interconnecting multiple Amazon VPCs into a contiguous virtual network.
Microsoft SharePoint Server on AWS Reference Architecture This paper discusses general concepts about how to run SharePoint on AWS. It provides detailed technical guidance for configuring, deploying, and running a SharePoint Server farm on AWS.
Amazon's Corporate IT Deploys SharePoint 2010 to the AWS Cloud This paper describes how and why Amazon's corporate IT organization deployed its corporate intranet (an enterprise mission-critical corporate IT application that involves highly sensitive data) running Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to the AWS cloud.
Extend Your IT Infrastructure with Amazon VPC This paper highlights common use cases and best practices for Amazon VPC and related services.
Auditing Security Checklist for Use of AWS This paper provides a checklist to help you design and execute a security assessment of your organization's use of AWS, which may be required by industry or regulatory standards.
Security at Scale: Governance on AWS This paper discusses the security and governance features built in to AWS services to help you incorporate security benefits and best practices in building your integrated environment with AWS.
AWS Security Best Practices This paper explains the AWS shared security model and provides an overview of various security topics. These topics include identifying, categorizing, and protecting your assets on AWS; managing access to AWS resources using the IAM service; and suggesting ways to help secure your data, your operating systems, and applications in the cloud.
AWS: Overview of Security Processes This paper describes AWS physical and operational security processes for network and server infrastructure under AWS management, as well as service-specific security implementations.
AWS: Risk and Compliance This paper helps you integrate AWS into the existing control framework that supports your IT environment. This paper also addresses AWS-specific information about general cloud computing compliance questions.
AWS Compliance Whitepapers This site has information and whitepapers related to compliance.