Amazon CloudWatch Events - AWS GovCloud (US)

Amazon CloudWatch Events

Use CloudWatch Events to send system events from AWS resources to AWS Lambda functions, Amazon SNS topics, streams in Amazon Kinesis, and other target types.

How Amazon CloudWatch Events Differs for AWS GovCloud (US)

  • Use SSL (HTTPS) when you make calls to the service in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. In other AWS Regions, you can use HTTP or HTTPS.

Documentation for Amazon CloudWatch Events

Amazon CloudWatch Events documentation.

ITAR Boundary

AWS GovCloud (US) has an ITAR boundary, which defines where customers are allowed to store ITAR-controlled data for this service in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. To maintain ITAR compliance, you must place ITAR-controlled data on the applicable part of the ITAR boundary. If you do not have any ITAR-controlled data in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions, this section does not apply to you. The following information identifies the ITAR boundary for this service:

ITAR-Regulated Data Permitted

ITAR-Regulated Data Not Permitted

  • This service boundary exists entirely within the GovCloud regions and all export-controlled Content entered, processed, and created within Service will exist in the GovCloud regions.

No ITAR-regulated data may be entered, stored, or processed by CloudWatch Events. For example, CloudWatch Events metadata is not permitted to contain ITAR-regulated data. This metadata includes all the configuration data that you enter when creating and maintaining your CloudWatch Events alarms.

For example, do not enter ITAR-regulated data in the following field:

  • Rule names

  • Rule descriptions

  • Event patterns

  • Data input to APIs