Verifying AWS CloudTrail Is Enabled - AWS GovCloud (US)

Verifying AWS CloudTrail Is Enabled

As part of the automated AWS GovCloud (US) activation process, the CloudTrail service should be enabled for each account and an Amazon S3 bucket should be created to store CloudTrail logs. In the event of any interruptions in the automation process, you can manually enable CloudTrail.

To verify the S3 bucket was created for CloudTrail log storage

  1. Sign in to the AWS GovCloud (US) console and open the Amazon S3 console at

  2. If a bucket already exists, skip to the next procedure to ensure CloudTrail is enabled.

  3. Choose Create Bucket.

  4. Type a name for your bucket.

    Bucket names must be unique. S3 buckets created during the automated process follow the naming convention "cloudtrail-xxxxxxxxxxxx" where xxxxxxxxxxxx is replaced by the AWS GovCloud (US) account number. If you want to use a different bucket name, you can delete this bucket, create a new bucket, and then follow the steps in the next section to enable CloudTrail.

To verify CloudTrail is enabled

  1. Sign in to the AWS GovCloud (US) console and open the CloudTrail console at

  2. Choose Get Started Now.

  3. On the Turn on CloudTrail page next to Create a new S3 bucket, choose No.

  4. From the S3 bucket drop-down list, choose the S3 bucket you created in the previous procedure.

  5. Choose Turn On.

    This will set a bucket policy that allows the CloudTrail service to store logs in the S3 bucket. If the automated process created an S3 bucket and enabled CloudTrail, the following policy was applied:

    { "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ { "Sid": "", "Effect": "Allow", "Principal": { "AWS": "arn:aws-us-gov:iam::608710470296:root" }, "Action": "s3:GetBucketAcl", "Resource": "arn:aws-us-gov:s3:::s3_bucket_name" }, { "Sid": "", "Effect": "Allow", "Principal": { "AWS": "arn:aws-us-gov:iam::608710470296:root" }, "Action": "s3:PutObject", "Resource": "arn:aws-us-gov:s3:::s3_bucket_name/AWSLogs/account_id/*", "Condition": { "StringEquals": { "s3:x-amz-acl": "bucket-owner-full-control" } } } ] }