Data sources - Amazon Managed Grafana

Data sources

Amazon Managed Grafana supports many different data sources. Data sources are storage backends that you can query in Grafana to do things like building dashboards. Each data source has a specific query editor that is customized for the features and capabilities that the particular data source exposes.

The query language and capabilities of each data source are different. You can combine data from multiple data sources onto a single dashboard.

Every AWS account that uses Amazon Managed Grafana has access to create or configure many data sources. Some data sources require you to install the respective plugin for that data source. If you upgrade your workspace to Amazon Managed Grafana Enterprise plugins, you may also need to install the plugins for the Enterprise data sources. The following sections describe details of many of the data sources available, but the Grafana community sometimes adds new data sources that may be available in the plugin catalog within your workspace.


To help you discover AWS resources in your account and setup data sources to query them, Amazon Managed Grafana provides the Using the AWS Data Sources plugin.

Special data sources

Amazon Managed Grafana includes three special data sources:

  • Grafana (called TestDB in earlier versions of Grafana – Use this built-in data source to generate random walk data, or list files. This is useful for testing visualizations and running experiments.

  • Mixed – Use this to query multiple data sources in the same panel. When you use this data source, you can specify a data source for every new query that you add. The first query uses the data source that you specified before selecting Mixed.

    You cannot change an existing query to use a mixed data source.

  • Dashboard – Use this to use a result set from another panel in the same dashboard.