Configuring Amazon Redshift - Amazon Managed Grafana

Configuring Amazon Redshift

After adding your Amazon Redshift data source to your workspace, configure Amazon Redshift settings as the following:


  • You have access to Amazon Redshift from your account.

Connection details settings

Configure Connection details settings
  1. In the Connection Details menu, select the authentication provider (recommended: Workspace IAM Role).

  2. Choose the Default Region you want to query.

Authentication settings

Configure Authentication settings
  1. In the Authentication menu, choose either the Temporary Credentials or AWS Secrets Manager tab as your access credentials provider. For details on Temporary Credentials and AWS Secrets Manager, refer to AWS managed policy: AmazonGrafanaRedshiftAccess

  2. If you choose Temporary credentials which is by default, follow the steps below. If you choose AWS Secrets Manager, enter your AWS Secrets Manager credentials in the input fields.

  3. Choose the Cluster Identifier of the cluster you created in Amazon Redshift.

    For more information about the Redshift cluster, see Redshift connections.

  4. Choose your targeted Redshift database.

  5. Select the database user you created for the above cluster.

  6. Choose Save & Test.

The following is an example of the Temporary Credentials settings.

                    Temporary Credentials example

The following is an example of the AWS Secrets Manager menu.

                    Secrets Manager example