AWS IoT SiteWise - Amazon Managed Grafana

AWS IoT SiteWise


In workspaces that support version 9 or newer, this data source might require you to install the appropriate plugin. For more information, see Grafana plugins.

With Amazon Managed Grafana, you can add AWS IoT SiteWise as a data source by using the AWS data source configuration option in the Grafana workspace console. This feature simplifies adding AWS IoT SiteWise as a data source by discovering your existing AWS IoT SiteWise accounts and manages the configuration of the authentication credentials that are required to access AWS IoT SiteWise. You can use this method to set up authentication and add AWS IoT SiteWise as a data source, or you can manually set up the data source and the necessary authentication credentials using the same method that you would on a self-managed Grafana server.

AWS IoT SiteWise settings

Name Description
Name The data source name. This is how you see the data source in panels and queries.
Auth Provider Specify the provider to get credentials.
Default Region Used in query editor to set the region (can be changed on per query basis).
Credentials profile name Specify the name of the profile to use (if you use ~/.aws/credentials file); keep blank for default.
Assume Role Arn Specify the ARN of the role to assume.
Endpoint (optional) If you must specify an alternate service endpoint.