AWS Greengrass
API Reference

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{ "Name": "string", "InitialVersion": { "Resources": [ { "Id": "string", "Name": "string", "ResourceDataContainer": { "*-- NOTE:": "choose one of the following --*", "LocalDeviceResourceData": { "SourcePath": "string", "GroupOwnerSetting": { "AutoAddGroupOwner": true, "GroupOwner": "string" } }, "LocalVolumeResourceData": { "SourcePath": "string", "DestinationPath": "string", "GroupOwnerSetting": { "AutoAddGroupOwner": true, "GroupOwner": "string" } }, "SageMakerMachineLearningModelResourceData": { "SageMakerJobArn": "string", "DestinationPath": "string" }, "S3MachineLearningModelResourceData": { "S3Uri": "string", "DestinationPath": "string" }, "SecretsManagerSecretResourceData": { "ARN": "string", "AdditionalStagingLabelsToDownload": [ "string" ] } } } ] }, "tags": { "additionalProperty0": "string", "additionalProperty1": "string", "additionalProperty2": "string" } }

in: body

required: true


Name: The name of the resource definition. Type: string

InitialVersion: Information about the initial version of the resource definition. Type: ResourceDefinitionVersion

tags: The tags to attach to the new resource. Type: tags