AWS IoT Greengrass
Developer Guide

Configure Subscriptions

In this step, you enable the HelloWorld_Publisher device to send a Hello World message to the HelloWorld_Subscriber device.

  1. On the group configuration page, choose Subscriptions, and then choose Add Subscription. For Select a source, choose Select. In the expanded section, choose Devices, and then choose HelloWorld_Publisher. Similarly, for Select a target, choose HelloWorld_Subscriber. Choose Next.

                            Screenshot of the Select your source and target page with
                                HelloWorld_Publisher, HelloWorld_Subscriber, and the Next button

    For Optional topic filter, enter hello/world/pubsub:

                            Screenshot of the Optional topic filter field set to

    Choose Next, and then choose Finish.


    To delete subscriptions from the previous modules, choose Subscriptions, choose the ellipsis () associated with a subscription, and then choose Delete.

  2. Make sure that the AWS IoT Greengrass daemon is running, as described in Deploy Cloud Configurations to a Core Device.

  3. On the group configuration page, from Actions, choose Deploy to deploy the updated group configuration to your AWS IoT Greengrass core device.

                            On the Deployments page, the Actions drop-down menu with Deploy

    To confirm the deployment was successful, choose Deployments. In the Status column, you should see a Successfully completed message.

    For troubleshooting help, see Troubleshooting AWS IoT Greengrass.