AWS Greengrass
Developer Guide

Configuring AWS Greengrass on AWS IoT

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console on your computer and open the AWS IoT console. If this is the first time opening this console, choose Get started.

    Next, choose Greengrass:

                            AWS IoT left navigation screenshot with Greengrass
  2. On the Welcome to AWS Greengrass page, choose Get Started:

                            Welcome to AWS Greengrass console page with the Get Started button
  3. Create an AWS Greengrass group. An AWS Greengrass group contains information about the devices and how messages are processed in the group. Each AWS Greengrass group requires an AWS Greengrass core device that processes messages sent within the group. An AWS Greengrass core needs a certificate and an AWS IoT policy to access AWS Greengrass and AWS Cloud Services. On the Set up your Greengrass group page, choose Use easy creation.

                            Set up your Greengrass Group console page with the Use easy
                                creation button highlighted.
  4. Type a name for your group (for example, MyFirstGroup), then choose Next:

                            The Name your Group page with MyFirstGroup in the Group Name
                                field and the Next button highlighted.
  5. Use the default name for the AWS Greengrass core, and choose Next:

                            The Every Group needs a Core to function page with
                                MyFirstGroup_Core in the Name field and the Next button
  6. On the Run a scripted easy Group creation page, choose Create Group and Core.

                            The Run a scripted easy Group creation page with the Create
                                Group and Core button highlighted.

    AWS IoT creates an AWS Greengrass group for you with default security policies and configuration files for you to load onto your device.

  7. On the confirmation page, choose Download these resources as a tar.gz to download the required security resources for your AWS Greengrass core. Next, choose Download Greengrass version x.x.x to download the AWS Greengrass core binary for the CPU architecture corresponding to your device. If you're using a Raspberry Pi, the architecture is ARMv7l. If you're using an Amazon EC2 instance, the architecture is x86_64.


    Only choose Finish after you have downloaded both the security resources and the AWS Greengrass core binary.

                            The Connect your Core device page with Download these resources
                                as a tar.gz, ARMv71, Download Greengrass version 1.1.0, and the
                                Finish button highlighted.

    Note that the following page is displayed after choosing Finish:

                            Empty "Group history overview" page.