AWS IoT Greengrass
Developer Guide

Module 2: Installing the Greengrass Core Software

This module shows you how to install the AWS IoT Greengrass core software on your device. You can download the core software from the AWS IoT Greengrass Core Software downloads. This procedure includes steps to create a group that uses the core.

The AWS IoT Greengrass core software provides the following functionality:

  • Deployment and local execution of connectors and Lambda functions.

  • Secure, encrypted storage of local secrets and controlled access by connectors and Lambda functions.

  • MQTT messaging over the local network between devices, connectors, and Lambda functions using managed subscriptions.

  • MQTT messaging between AWS IoT and devices, connectors, and Lambda functions using managed subscriptions.

  • Secure connections between devices and the cloud using device authentication and authorization.

  • Local shadow synchronization of devices. Shadows can be configured to sync with the cloud.

  • Controlled access to local device and volume resources.

  • Deployment of cloud-trained machine learning models for running local inference.

  • Automatic IP address detection that enables devices to discover the Greengrass core device.

  • Central deployment of new or updated group configuration. After the configuration data is downloaded, the core device is restarted automatically.

  • Secure, over-the-air software updates of user-defined Lambda functions.

Before you begin, make sure that you have completed Module 1.

This module should take less than 30 minutes to complete.