AWS Greengrass
Developer Guide

Module 3 (Part 1): AWS Lambda on AWS Greengrass

This module shows you how to configure an AWS Lambda function and deploy it to your AWS Greengrass core device. It contains information about MQTT messaging, subscriptions, deployments on AWS Greengrass, and Lambda function configurations.

Part 1 of this module shows you how to deploy a Lambda function on the AWS Greengrass core that sends "Hello World" messages to the AWS Greengrass cloud. Part 2 covers the differences between on-demand and long-lived Lambda functions running on the AWS Greengrass core. Before you begin, make sure that you have completed Module 1 and Module 2 and have a running AWS Greengrass core device. Note that Module 3 (Part 1) and Module 3 (Part 2) should take approximately 30 minutes each.