AWS-provided client device components - AWS IoT Greengrass

AWS-provided client device components

AWS IoT Greengrass provides the following public components that you can deploy to core devices. These components enable client devices to connect and communicate with a core device.


Several AWS-provided components depend on specific minor versions of the Greengrass nucleus. Because of this dependency, you need to update these components when you update the Greengrass nucleus to a new minor version. For information about the specific versions of the nucleus that each component depends on, see the corresponding component topic. For more information about updating the nucleus, see Update the AWS IoT Greengrass Core software (OTA).

Component Description Depends on nucleus Component type Open source
Client device auth Enables local IoT devices, called client devices, to connect to the core device. Yes Plugin Yes
IP detector Reports MQTT broker connectivity information to AWS IoT Greengrass, so client devices can discover how to connect. Yes Plugin Yes
MQTT bridge Relays MQTT messages between client devices, local AWS IoT Greengrass publish/subscribe, and AWS IoT Core. No Plugin Yes
MQTT broker (Moquette) Handles MQTT messages between client devices and the core device. No Plugin Yes