Greengrass based IoT solutions - AWS IoT Greengrass

Greengrass based IoT solutions

Eurotech's Everyware GreenEdge is in a preview release for AWS IoT Greengrass and is subject to change. This solution is not supported by AWS. You must contact Eurotech for any issues with this device.

AWS IoT Greengrass offers solutions from Partners to optimize your experience installing Greengrass. The following is a solution that AWS has partnered with Eurotech to offer. This solution comes with AWS IoT Greengrass Core edge runtime and additional capabilities pre-installed.


AWS has partnered with Eurotech to offer an IoT solution for customers who are looking for a device that comes with AWS IoT Greengrass Core software pre-installed. Eurotech's Everyware GreenEdge is an IoT edge software that is pre-configured and pre-qualified by AWS. This solution merges the capabilities of Greengrass and the Eurotech Everyware Software Framework (ESF) to offer customers extensive southbound connectivity through protocol adapters like: Modbus, OPC-UA Client/Server, S7, TwinCAT, J1939, DNP3 Master/Outstation, and more. With this solution, you can also send data to the AWS Cloud and connect to all northbound AWS services (such as AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT SiteWise, AWS IoT Analytics, Amazon S3, and Amazon Kinesis Video Streams). Combined with Everyware Cloud, Eurotech's device management solution, this solution introduces a novel Zero-Touch Provisioning service, which simplifies device onboarding and mass deployment.

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