Step 2: Configure an AWS CloudFormation Stack - AWS Ground Station

Step 2: Configure an AWS CloudFormation Stack

After choosing the template that best applies to your use case, configure an AWS CloudFormation stack. The resources that are created in this procedure are configured to the region that you are in when you create them.

  1. In the AWS Management Console, choose Services > CloudFormation.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Stacks. Then, choose Create stack > With new resources (standard).

  3. In the Create Stack page, specify the template that you selected in Step 1: Choose an AWS CloudFormation Template by doing one of the following.

    1. Select Amazon S3 URL as your template source, and copy and paste the URL of the template you want to use in Amazon S3 URL. Then, choose Next.

    2. Select Upload a template file as your template source and choose Choose File. Upload the template you downloaded in Step 1: Choose an AWS CloudFormation Template. Then, choose Next.

  4. Perform the following steps in the Specify stack details page:

    1. Enter a name in the Stack Name box. We recommend using a simple name to reduce the possibility of errors in the future.

    2. Choose Next.

  5. Configure stack options and advanced options for your Amazon EC2 instance.

    1. Add any tags and permissions in the Tags and Permissions sections.

    2. Make any changes for your Stack policy, Rollback configuration, Notification options, and Stack creation options.

    3. Choose Next.

  6. After reviewing your stack details, select the Capabilities acknowledgement, and choose Create stack.