AWS Ground Station
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Downlink Demod/Decode and Uplink Template

The AWS CloudFormation template named DownlinkDemodDecodeAndUplinkCustomerTemplate.yml is based on the Downlink Demod/Decode Template from the previous section. It provides all the resources necessary for a single downlink stream and a single uplink stream. You can download the template using the following AWS CLI command:

aws s3 cp s3://groundstation-customer-cf/DownlinkDemodDecodeAndUplinkCustomerTemplate.yml

The template can be viewed and downloaded in the console by navigating to the following URL in your browser:

The template can be specified directly in AWS CloudFormation by using the following link:

What resources does the template define?

The downlink demod/decode and uplink template defines the following resources in addition to the resources defined in the downlink demod/decode template from the previous section:

  • Downlink Demod/Decode – This template includes all of the resources defined in the downlink demod/decode template.

  • Security Groups – This template updates the properties of the security groups to include ingress and egress for the uplink stream’s port.

  • Data Defender Streams – This template adds a new entry for the uplink stream in the stream definition JSON blob contained in the Amazon EC2 instance’s UserData property. Note that the isUplink property in the uplink stream’s definition is set to true, whereas the downlink stream is set to false.

  • Dataflow Endpoint Group – This template updates the dataflow endpoint group so that it contains a new endpoint for the uplink stream.

  • Antenna Uplink Config – The AWS Ground Station antenna uplink config defines the frequency spectrum used to uplink data to your satellite.

  • Uplink Endpoint Config – The AWS Ground Station dataflow endpoint config defines the endpoint used to uplink data to your satellite.

What changes should I make to the AWS CloudFormation template?

In addition to the changes mentioned in the Downlink Demod/Decode Template section, the antenna uplink config needs to be updated so that the spectrumConfig property has the correct centerFrequency and polarization for your satellite.

The antenna uplink config also includes the target effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) for your uplinks. This value should be set to an appropriate level such that the signal is strong enough for uplinks to your satellites.

spectrumConfig: centerFrequency: units: "MHz" value: 2072.5 polarization: "RIGHT_HAND" targetEirp: units: "dBW" value: 20.0