AWS Ground Station
User Guide

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Using the AWS Ground Station Console

In the AWS Ground Station console, you can enter satellite data, identify antenna locations, communicate, and schedule antenna time for selected satellites. You can review, cancel, and reschedule contact reservations up to eight days prior to scheduled time.

Listing and Reserving Contacts

In the AWS Ground Station console, you can schedule, review, and cancel contacts with your satellites. You can also view the details of your reserved minutes pricing plan if you use the AWS Ground Station reserved minutes pricing model.

  1. Open the AWS Ground Station console and choose Reserve contacts now.

  2. Use the table to select the parameters you would like to search with.

    You can filter contacts based on Status (Available, Reserved, or Completed) and time range.


    If you are searching for Available contacts, you must select a mission profile. When a mission profile is selected for the Scheduled or Completed statuses, the returned contacts won't be filtered by mission profile.

  3. Choose a contact that meets your requirements and then choose Reserve contact.

  4. To confirm your contact, on the next page, choose Reserve.

    • To add tags to your contact, use the Tags fields.

Result: AWS Ground Station uses the configuration data from your mission profile to execute a contact at the specified ground station.