Step 4: Install Data Defender - AWS Ground Station

Step 4: Install Data Defender

  1. Mount the ISO and navigate to the mounted directory by performing the following commands.

    mkdir "ddx_iso_mount" sudo mount -o loop "ddx-2.6.2-104.iso" "ddx_iso_mount" cd "ddx_iso_mount"

    An example output is provided below.

  2. Run the Data Defender installer by performing the following command.

    sudo ./

    The installer will begin installing Data Defender and will pause to ask if you’d like to use the default values. When prompted, enter “n” to provide non-default values to the installer. An example output is provided below.

  3. Enter the following values when prompted.

    Enable SSL? (Y/N): y Specify HTTPS port: 443 Enable forwarding from port 80 to HTTPS? (Y/N): y Use password file? (OS is used otherwise) (Y/N): n Single Instance Port (0 to disable): 44892 Enable LAN intelligent merge? (Y/N): n

    The following message will be displayed when the Data Defender installation has completed

  4. Unmount and remove the ISO directory. Then, reboot the EC2 instance to complete the installation. Use the following commands.

    cd .. sudo umount "ddx_iso_mount" rm -rf "ddx_iso_mount" sudo reboot