Enabling GuardDuty Runtime Monitoring - Amazon GuardDuty

Enabling GuardDuty Runtime Monitoring

Before enabling Runtime Monitoring in your account, make sure that the resource type for which you want to monitor the runtime events, supports the platforms requirements. For more information, see Prerequisites.

If you have been using EKS Runtime Monitoring prior to the launch of Runtime Monitoring, you can use the APIs to check and update the existing configuration for EKS Runtime Monitoring. You can also migrate your existing configuration from EKS Runtime Monitoring to Runtime Monitoring. For more information, see Migrating from EKS Runtime Monitoring to Runtime Monitoring.


Presently, this documentation provides steps to enable Runtime Monitoring for your accounts and organization by console only. You can also enable Runtime Monitoring by using API Actions or AWS CLI for GuardDuty.

You can configure Runtime Monitoring by using the steps in the following topics.