What is Amazon GuardDuty? - Amazon GuardDuty

What is Amazon GuardDuty?

GuardDuty RDS Protection is in preview release. Your use of the RDS Protection feature is subject to Section 2 of the AWS Service Terms ("Betas and Previews").

Amazon GuardDuty is a security monitoring service that analyzes and processes data sources, such as AWS CloudTrail data events for Amazon S3 logs, CloudTrail management event logs, DNS logs, Amazon EBS volume data, Kubernetes audit logs, Amazon VPC flow logs, and RDS login activity. It uses threat intelligence feeds, such as lists of malicious IP addresses and domains, and machine learning to identify unexpected, potentially unauthorized, and malicious activity within your AWS environment. This can include issues like escalation of privileges, use of exposed credentials, or communication with malicious IP addresses, domains, presence of malware on your Amazon EC2 instances and container workloads, or discovery of unusual patterns of login events on your database. For example, GuardDuty can detect compromised EC2 instances and container workloads serving malware, or mining bitcoin. It also monitors AWS account access behavior for signs of compromise, such as unauthorized infrastructure deployments, like instances deployed in a Region that hasn't been used before, or unusual API calls like a password policy change to reduce password strength.

GuardDuty informs you of the status of your AWS environment by producing security findings that you can view in the GuardDuty console or through Amazon CloudWatch Events.

Pricing for GuardDuty

For information about GuardDuty pricing, see Amazon GuardDuty Pricing.

Accessing GuardDuty

You can work with GuardDuty in any of the following ways:

GuardDuty Console


The console is a browser-based interface to access and use GuardDuty.


AWS provides software development kits (SDKs) that consist of libraries and sample code for various programming languages and platforms (Java, Python, Ruby, .NET, iOS, Android, and more). The SDKs provide a convenient way to create programmatic access to GuardDuty. For information about the AWS SDKs, including how to download and install them, see Tools for Amazon Web Services.


You can access GuardDuty and AWS programmatically by using the GuardDuty HTTPS API, which lets you issue HTTPS requests directly to the service. For more information, see the GuardDuty API Reference.