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HTJ2K decoding libraries for AWS HealthImaging

During import, AWS HealthImaging encodes all image frames (pixel data) in HTJ2K lossless format to deliver consistently fast image display and universal access to HTJ2K’s advanced features. Because image frames are encoded in HTJ2K during import, they must be decoded prior to viewing in an image viewer.


HTJ2K is the abbreviation for High-Throughput JPEG 2000, which is defined in Part 15 of the JPEG2000 standard (ISO/IEC 15444-15:2019). HTJ2K retains the advanced features of JPEG2000 such as resolution scalability, precincts, tiling, high bit depth, multiple channels, and color space support.

Decoding libraries

Depending on your programming language, we recommend the following decoding libraries to decode image frames.

Image viewers

You can view image frames after you've decoded them. AWS HealthImaging API actions support a variety of open-source image viewers, including: