Quotas for Amazon HealthLake - Amazon HealthLake

Quotas for Amazon HealthLake

Throttling and quotas for Amazon HealthLake

The following table describes throttling limits for resource management within Amazon HealthLake for each customer account. For information about limits that can be changed, see AWS Service Limits. For all operations, users will receive a ThrottlingException error message if throttling limits are exceeeded.

A maxmimum quota of ten Data Stores are allowed per an account. For information about requesting a quota increase, see the console support center to create a case.

Description Limit in Transactions per second(TPS) or requests per minute
CreateFHIRDatastore and DeleteFHIRDatastore 1 request per minute
DescribeFHIRDatastore 10 TPS
ListFHIRDatastores 10 TPS
CreateResource, ReadResource, DeleteResource 20 TPS
UpdateResource 100 TPS
GetCapabilities 10 TPS
SearchWithGet and SearchWithPost 100 TPS
StartFHIRImportJob and StartFHIRExportJob 1 request per minute, only 1 job permitted at a time
DescribeFHIRImportJob, DescribeFHIRExportJob, ListFHIRImportJob, FistFHIRExportJob 10 TPS
ListFHIRImportJobs, FistFHIRExportJobs 10 TPS
TagResource, UntagResource, ListTagsforResource 10 TPS
Maximum characters for a medical note within the DocumentReference ResourceType (CreateResource/UpdateResource) 40,000 characters

The following table lists the quotas for Import jobs.

Description Limit
Maximum import job size 50 GB
Maximum import file size 50 MB
Maximum number of files 10,000
Supported file extension '.ndjson'