Set up the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) - Amazon HealthLake

Set up the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI)

You don't need the AWS CLI to perform the steps in all the getting started exercises. However, some of the other exercises in this guide do require it.

To set up the AWS CLI

  1. Download and configure the AWS CLI. For instructions, see the following topics in the AWS Command Line Interface User Guide:

  2. In the AWS CLI config file, add a named profile for the administrator.

    [profile adminuser] aws_access_key_id = adminuser access key ID aws_secret_access_key = adminuser secret access key region = aws-region

    You use this profile when running the AWS CLI commands. Under the security principle of least privilege, we recommend that you create a separate IAM role with privileges specific to the tasks being performed. For more information about named profiles, see Named Profiles in the AWS Command Line Interface User Guide. For a list of AWS Regions, see Regions and Endpoints in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.

  3. Verify the setup by typing the following help command at the command prompt.

    aws healthlake help

    If the AWS CLI is configured correctly, you will see a brief description of Amazon HealthLake and a list of available commands.

  4. Amazon HealthLake is available only in the US East Northern Virginia (us-east-1) Region. You don't need to specify the "--endpoint" option when using the AWS CLI, but you can if necessary. The endpoint is

    For example, to list all of the HealthLake FHIR Data Stores that you own, you use the following command.

    $ aws healthlake list-fhir-datastores \