Supported FHIR resource types in AWS HealthLake - AWS HealthLake

Supported FHIR resource types in AWS HealthLake

This table lists the resource types supported by HealthLake.

Account DetectedIssue Invoice Practitioner
ActivityDefinition Device Library PractitionerRole
AdverseEvent DeviceDefinition Linkage Procedure
AllergyIntolerance DeviceMetric List Provenance
Appointment DeviceUseStatement Location Questionnaire
AppointmentResponse DeviceRequest Measure QuestionnaireResponse
AuditEvent-See note DiagnosticReport MeasureReport RelatedPerson
Binary DocumentManifest Media RequestGroup
BodyStructure DocumentReference Medication ResearchStudy
Bundle - See Note EffectEvidenceSynthesis MedicationAdministration ResearchSubject
CapabilityStatement Encounter MedicationDispense RiskAssessment
CarePlan Endpoint MedicationKnowledge RiskEvidenceSynthesis
CareTeam EpisodeOfCare MedicationRequest Schedule
ChargeItem EnrollmentRequest MedicationStatement ServiceRequest
ChargeItemDefinition EnrollmentResponse MessageHeader Slot
Claim ExplanationOfBenefit MolecularSequence Specimen
ClaimResponse FamilyMemberHistory NutritionOrder StructureDefinition
Communication Flag Observation StructureMap
CommunicationRequest Goal OperationOutcome Substance
Composition Group Organization SupplyDelivery
ConceptMap GuidanceResponse OrganizationAffiliation SupplyRequest
Condition HealthcareService Parameters Task
Consent ImagingStudy Patient ValueSet
Contract Immunization PaymentNotice VisionPrescription
Coverage ImmunizationEvaluation PaymentReconciliation VerificationResult
CoverageEligibilityRequest ImmunizationRecommendation Person
CoverageEligibilityResponse InsurancePlan PlanDefinition
FHIR specifications and HealthLake
  • You cannot make GET or POST requests with these resource types: Binary, Bundle, OperationOutcome, and Parameters.

  • AuditEvent — An AuditEvent resource can be created or read, but it cannot be updated or deleted.

  • Bundle — There are multiple ways HealthLake manages Bundle requests. For more details, see Managing multiple FHIR resources using Bundle.

  • VerificationResult — This resource type is only supported for data stores created after December 09, 2023.