BatchDeleteTableRows - Amazon Honeycode


The BatchDeleteTableRows API will delete the list of rows passed in the input.

To find more details about using this API check the BatchDeleteTableRows API Reference page.

The following example illustrates this by deleting the rows with stock symbols AAA , BBB and CCC using their row ids. Replace <workbook-id> with your workbook id and <table-id> with the table id from the response of ListTables API call.

AWS CLI Example

aws honeycode batch-delete-table-rows \ --workbook-id "<workboook-id>" \ --table-id "<table-id>" \ --rowIds '["<aaa-row-id>", "<bbb-row-id">, "<ccc-row-id>"]'

Python SDK Example

response = honeycode_client.batch_delete_table_rows( workbookId = '<workbook-id>', tableId = '<table-id>', rowIds = [ "<aaa-row-id>", "<bbb-row-id">, "<ccc-row-id>" ])


{ "workbookCursor": 1288604696 }

After the rows are deleted, this is how the table looks: