ListTableColumns - Amazon Honeycode


The ListTableColumns API allows you to retrieve a list of all the columns in a table in a workbook.

To find more details about using this API check the ListTableColumns API Reference page.

In the examples below, replace <workbook-id> with your workbook id and <table-id> with the table id from the response of ListTables API call.

AWS CLI Example

aws honeycode list-table-columns \ --workbook-id "<workboook-id>" \ --table-id "<table-id>"

Python SDK Example

response = honeycode_client.list_table_columns( workbookId = '<workbook-id>', tableId = '<table-id>')


{ "tableColumns": [ { "format": "AUTO", "tableColumnId": "<symbol-column-id>", "tableColumnName": "Symbol" }, { "format": "CURRENCY", "tableColumnId": "<price-column-id>", "tableColumnName": "Price" }, { "format": "CURRENCY", "tableColumnId": "<previous-price-column-id>", "tableColumnName": "Previous Price" }, { "format": "PERCENTAGE", "tableColumnId": "<percentage-change-column-id>", "tableColumnName": "Change" }, { "format": "DATE_TIME", "tableColumnId": "<last-update-column-id>", "tableColumnName": "Last Update" } ], "workbookCursor": 1288302476 }