ARNs and Honeycode IDs - Amazon Honeycode

ARNs and Honeycode IDs

Table row operation APIs require the workbook id as input. You will need an app to get the workbook id. Simply right-click on any app object in builder to access the Get ARN and IDs modal. If you don't have a use case for an app, you can use the App Wizard to quickly create a simple app to grab the Workbook ID and then delete the app as necessary.

Accessing Workbook ID

In any app screen, you can right-click to bring up a menu. Select Get ARN and IDs

From the modal that appears, you can copy the ID for the workbook. You can ignore the other fields on that modal (Amazon Resource Name, App ID, Screen ID) as they are not needed for table row operation APIs.

ARNs and authorization

If you are using the managed IAM policies AmazonHoneycodeWorkbookFullAccess or AmazonHoneycodeFullAccess, you will not need the ARN for authorization. The ARN is only required to to set up authorization using IAM at a granular level.

The Honeycode resources that need to be defined in custom IAM policies for table row operation APIs are given below. Click the links to get more details on how to construct ARNs for those resources.

  • ListTableRows: table

  • QueryTableRows: table

  • BatchCreateTableRows: table

  • BatchUpdateTableRows: table

  • BatchUpsertTableRows: table

  • BatchDeleteTableRows: table