Authorizing Team Connections - Amazon Honeycode

Authorizing Team Connections

Honeycode provides actions to view, approve, and reject teams associated with your account in AWS Console. These actions are not available in AWS SDK.

You can use either of these managed policies:

  • AmazonHoneycodeTeamAssociationFullAccess

  • AmazonHoneycodeFullAccess

Or you can create your own policies using honeycode:<action-name> actions. Read more about access management permissions and policies.


This action lists all pending and approved team connection requests for your AWS account.


This action allows you to approve a pending team connection request and connect the team to your AWS account. When connected, the AWS account will be used to bill any usage on your Amazon Honeycode team. Refer to Amazon Honeycode pricing


This action allows you to reject a pending team connection request.