Connections concepts - Developer Tools console

Connections concepts

Setting up and using the connections feature is easier if you understand the concepts and terms. Here are some concepts to know about as you use connections in the Developer Tools console:


An instance of the AWS app on a third-party account. Installing the AWS CodeStar Connector app allows AWS to access resources within the third-party account. An installation can only be edited on the third-party provider’s website.


An AWS resource used to connect third-party source repositories to other AWS services.

third-party repository

A repository that is provided by a service or company that is not part of AWS. For example, a BitBucket repository is a third-party repository.

provider type

A service or company that provides the third-party source repository you want to connect to. You connect your AWS resources to external provider types. A provider type where the source repository is installed on the network and infrastructure is an installed provider type. For example, GitHub Enterprise Server is an installed provider type.


A resource that represents the infrastructure where a third-party provider is installed. Connections use the host to represent the server where your third-party provider is installed, such as GitHub Enterprise Server. You create one host for all connections to that provider type.


When you use the console to create a connection to GitHub Enterprise Server, the console creates a host resource for you as part of the process.