Semantic versioning in Image Builder - EC2 Image Builder

Semantic versioning in Image Builder

Image Builder uses semantic versioning to organize resources and ensure that they have unique IDs. The semantic version has four nodes:


You can assign values for the first three, and can filter on all of them.

Semantic versioning is included in each object's Amazon Resource Name (ARN), at the level that applies to that object as follows:

  1. Versionless ARNs and Name ARNs do not include specific values in any of the nodes. The nodes are either left off entirely, or they are specified as wildcards, for example: x.x.x.

  2. Version ARNs have only the first three nodes: <major>.<minor>.<patch>

  3. Build version ARNs have all four nodes, and point to a specific build for a specific version of an object.

Assignment: For the first three nodes you can assign any positive integer value, including zero, with an upper limit of 2^30-1, or 1073741823 for each node. Image Builder automatically assigns the build number to the fourth node.

Patterns: You can use any numeric pattern that adheres to the assignment requirements for the nodes that you can assign. For example, you might choose a software version pattern, such as 1.0.0, or a date, such as 2021.01.01.

Selection: With semantic versioning, you have the flexibility to use wildcards (x) to specify the most recent versions or nodes when selecting the base image or components for your recipe. When you use a wildcard in any node, all nodes to the right of the first wildcard must also be wildcards.

For example, given the following recent versions: 2.2.4, 1.7.8, and 1.6.8, version selection using wildcards produces the following results:

  • x.x.x = 2.2.4

  • 1.x.x = 1.7.8

  • 1.6.x = 1.6.8

  • x.2.x is not valid, and produces an error

  • 1.x.8 is not valid, and produces an error