Manage EC2 Image Builder images - EC2 Image Builder

Manage EC2 Image Builder images

After you have created image resources for AMI or container images with Image Builder, you can manage them using the Image Builder console, through the Image Builder API, or with imagebuilder commands in the AWS CLI.


When you have multiple resources of the same type, tagging helps you to identify a specific resource based on the tags you've assigned to it. For more information about tagging your resources using Image Builder commands in the AWS CLI, see the Tag resources section of this guide.

This section covers how to list, view, and create images. For information about image workflows and how to manage them, see Manage build and test workflows for EC2 Image Builder images.

Clean up resources

To avoid unexpected charges, make sure to clean up resources and pipelines that you created from the examples in this guide. For more information about deleting resources in Image Builder, see Delete EC2 Image Builder resources.