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Patch Management in EC2 Image Builder

EC2 Image Builder provides the latest Amazon Linux 2, Amazon Linux 2023, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, Ubuntu, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Windows 2012 R2 and later AMIs as managed image sources. You maintain the Amazon EC2 system patching responsibility, per the shared responsibility model. If the EC2 instances in your application workload can be easily replaced, then it might be more efficient to update the base AMI and redeploy all compute nodes based on this image.

The following are two ways you can keep your Image Builder AMIs up to date.

  • AWS-provided patching components – EC2 Image Builder provides two build components, update-linux and update-windows,which install all pending operating system updates. These components use the UpdateOS action module. For more information, see UpdateOS. The components can be added to your image build pipelines by selecting them from the list of AWS-provided components.

  • Custom build components with patching operations – To selectively install or update patches on operating systems of supported AMIs, you can author an Image Builder component to install the required patches. A custom component can install patches using shell scripts (Bash or PowerShell), or it can use the UpdateOS action module to specify patches for installation or exclusion. For more information, see Action modules supported by AWSTOE component manager.

    Component that uses the UpdateOS action module (Linux and Windows)

    schemaVersion: 1.0 phases: - name: build steps: - name: UpdateOS action: UpdateOS

    Component that uses Bash to install yum updates

    schemaVersion: 1.0 phases: - name: build steps: - name: InstallYumUpdates action: ExecuteBash inputs: commands: - sudo yum update -y