Update an infrastructure configuration - EC2 Image Builder

Update an infrastructure configuration

This section covers how you can use the Image Builder console or imagebuilder commands in the AWS CLI to update an infrastructure configuration resource. To track your resources, you can apply tags as follows. Tags are entered as key value pairs.

  • Resource tags assign metadata tags to the Amazon EC2 instance that Image Builder launches during the build process.

  • Tags assign metadata tags to the infrastructure configuration resource that Image Builder creates as output.


You can edit the following infrastructure configuration details from the Image Builder console:

  • The Description for your infrastructure configuration.

  • The IAM role to associate with the instance profile.

  • AWS infrastructure, including the Instance type and an SNS topic for notifications.

  • VPC, subnet, and security groups.

  • Troubleshooting settings, including Terminate instance on failure, the Key pair for connecting, and an optional S3 bucket location for instance logs.

To update an infrastructure configuration resource from the Image Builder console, follow these steps:

Choose an existing Image Builder infrastructure configuration
  1. Open the EC2 Image Builder console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/imagebuilder/.

  2. To see a list of the infrastructure configuration resources under your account, choose Infrastructure configuration from the navigation pane.

  3. To view details or edit an infrastructure configuration, choose the Configuration name link. This opens the detail view for the infrastructure configuration.


    You can also select the check box next to the Configuration name, then choose View detail.

  4. From the upper right corner of the Infrastructure details panel, choose Edit .

  5. When you're ready to save updates you've made to your infrastructure configuration, choose Save changes.


The following example shows how to update the infrastructure configuration for your image with the Image Builder update-infrastructure-configuration command in the AWS CLI.

  1. Create a CLI input JSON file

    This infrastructure configuration example uses the same settings as the create example, except that we've updated the terminateInstanceOnFailure setting to false. After we run the update-infrastructure-configuration command, pipelines that use this infrastructure configuration terminate the build and test instances when the build fails.

    Use a file editing tool to create a JSON file with keys shown in the following example, plus values that are valid for your environment. This example uses a file named update-infrastructure-configuration.json:

    { "infrastructureConfigurationArn": "arn:aws:imagebuilder:us-west-2:123456789012:infrastructure-configuration/my-example-infrastructure-configuration", "description": "An example that will terminate instances of failed builds", "instanceTypes": [ "m5.large", "m5.2xlarge" ], "instanceProfileName": "myIAMInstanceProfileName", "securityGroupIds": [ "sg-12345678" ], "subnetId": "sub-12345678", "logging": { "s3Logs": { "s3BucketName": "my-logging-bucket", "s3KeyPrefix": "my-path" } }, "terminateInstanceOnFailure": true, "snsTopicArn": "arn:aws:sns:us-west-2:123456789012:MyTopic" }
  2. Use the file you created as input when you run the following command.
    aws imagebuilder update-infrastructure-configuration --cli-input-json file://update-infrastructure-configuration.json