Claiming Devices - AWS IoT 1-Click

Claiming Devices

The following procedure shows you how to claim one or more AWS IoT 1-Click supported devices.

  1. Sign in to your AWS account. If you do not have an AWS account, open, choose Create an AWS Account, and follow the online instructions.

  2. From the AWS Management Console, search for "1-Click," and then choose AWS IoT 1-Click.

  3. If you're using one or more AWS IoT Enterprise Buttons, install the AWS IoT 1-Click mobile app for iOS or Android and connect the buttons to your local Wi-Fi network. The AWS IoT 1-Click mobile app is available from the Onboard page of the AWS IoT 1-Click console. This step is not required for the LTE-M Button because it uses the cellular network.

  4. Choose Onboard, and then choose Claim devices.

  5. Enter one or more device IDs (such as a device serial number) or claim codes, separated by commas, and then choose Claim. If the Claim button is unavailable, double-check all the values you entered.

  6. Press the button(s) on your device(s), and then choose Done. A list of all known devices should be displayed.