Create a decoder manifest (console) - AWS IoT FleetWise

Create a decoder manifest (console)

AWS IoT FleetWise is in preview release and is subject to change. We recommend that you use the service only with test data, and not in production environments.

While AWS IoT FleetWise is in preview, you must download the preview AWS SDK and AWS CLI to use the API operations for this service. These API operations aren't available in the public AWS SDK or AWS CLI. For more information, see Preview AWS CLI and AWS SDKs.

You can use the AWS IoT FleetWise console to create a decoder manifest associated with your vehicle model.

To create a decoder manifest

  1. Navigate to the AWS IoT FleetWise console.

  2. On the navigation pane, choose Vehicle models.

  3. Choose the target vehicle model.

  4. On the vehicle model summary page, choose Create decoder manifest, and then do the following.

Step 1: Configure decoder manifest

In General information, do the following.

  1. Enter a unique name for the decoder manifest.

  2. (Optional) Enter a description.

  3. Choose Next.

Step 2: Add network interfaces

Each decoder manifest must have at least one network interface. You can add multiple network interfaces to a decoder manifest.

To add a network interface

  • In Network interface, do the following.

    1. For Network interface type, choose the CAN_INTERFACE or OBD_INTERFACE.

    2. Enter a unique name for your network interface.

    3. Enter a unique network interface ID. You can use the ID generated by AWS IoT FleetWise.

    4. Select one or more signals specified in your vehicle model to pair with decoder signals.

    5. To provide decording information, upload a .dbc file. AWS IoT FleetWise parses the .dbc file to retrieve decoder signals.

    6. In the Paired signals section, make sure that every signal is paired with a decoder signal.

    7. Choose Next.

  • You can upload only one .dbc file for each network interface.

  • Make sure that every signal specified in your vehicle model is paired with a decoder signal.

  • After you choose to add another network interface, you can't edit the one that you're editing. You can delete any existing network interfaces.

Step 4: Review and create

Verify the configurations for the decoder manifest, and then choose Create.