Edge Agent software demo - AWS IoT FleetWise

Edge Agent software demo

You can use the Explore Edge Agent quick start demo to explore AWS IoT FleetWise and learn how to develop Edge Agent software for AWS IoT FleetWise. This demo uses an AWS CloudFormation template. It walks you through reviewing the Edge Agent reference implementation, developing your Edge Agent, and then deploying your Edge Agent software on an Amazon EC2 Graviton and generating sample vehicle data. The demo also provides a script that you can use to create a signal catalog, a vehicle model, a decoder manifest, a vehicle, a fleet, and a campaign — all in the cloud. For more information about the quick start demo, do the following to download the Edge Agent software Developer Guide.

To download the quick start demo
  1. Navigate to the AWS IoT FleetWise console.

  2. On the service home page, in the Get started with AWS IoT FleetWise section, choose Explore Edge Agent.

An example the AWS IoT FleetWise service home page that shows how to download the Edge Agent for AWS IoT FleetWise software Developer Guide.