Import a signal catalog (AWS CLI) - AWS IoT FleetWise

Import a signal catalog (AWS CLI)

AWS IoT FleetWise is in preview release and is subject to change. We recommend that you use the service only with test data, and not in production environments.

While AWS IoT FleetWise is in preview, you must download the preview AWS SDK and AWS CLI to use the API operations for this service. These API operations aren't available in the public AWS SDK or AWS CLI. For more information, see Preview AWS CLI and AWS SDKs.

You can use the ImportSignalCatalog API operation to upload a JSON file that helps create a signal catalog. You must follow the Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS) to save signals in the JSON file. The following example uses AWS CLI.

To import a signal catalog, run the following command.

  • Replace signal-catalog-name with the name of the signal catalog that you're creating.

  • (Optional) Replace description with a description to help you identify the signal catalog.

  • Replace signal-catalog-configuration-vss with the name of the JSON file that contains signals defined in VSS.

For more information about how to configure branches, attributes, sensors, and actuators, see Configure signals.

aws iotfleetwise import-signal-catalog / --name signal-catalog-name / --description description / --vss-json file://signal-catalog-configuration-vss.json
{ "Vehicle": { "type": "branch", "children": { "Chassis": { "type": "branch", "description": "All data concerning steering, suspension, wheels, and brakes.", "children": { "SteeringWheel": { "type": "branch", "description": "Steering wheel signals", "children": { "Diameter": { "type": "attribute", "description": "The diameter of the steering wheel", "datatype": "float", "unit": "cm", "min": 1, "max": 50 }, "HandsOff": { "type": "branch", "children": { "HandsOffSteeringState": { "type": "actuator", "description": "HndsOffStrWhlDtSt. Hands Off Steering State", "datatype": "boolean" }, "HandsOffSteeringMode": { "type": "actuator", "description": "HndsOffStrWhlDtMd. Hands Off Steering Mode", "datatype": "int8", "min": 0, "max": 2 } } } } }, "Accelerator": { "type": "branch", "description": "", "children": { "AcceleratorPedalPosition": { "type": "sensor", "description": "Throttle__Position. Accelerator pedal position as percent. 0 = Not depressed. 100 = Fully depressed.", "datatype": "uint8", "unit": "%", "min": 0, "max": 100.000035 } } } } }, "Powertrain": { "type": "branch", "description": "Powertrain data for battery management, etc.", "children": { "Transmission": { "type": "branch", "description": "Transmission-specific data, stopping at the drive shafts.", "children": { "VehicleOdometer": { "type": "sensor", "description": "Vehicle_Odometer", "datatype": "float", "unit": "km", "min": 0, "max": 67108863.984375 } } }, "CombustionEngine": { "type": "branch", "description": "Engine-specific data, stopping at the bell housing.", "children": { "Engine": { "type": "branch", "description": "Engine description", "children": { "timing": { "type": "branch", "description": "timing description", "children": { "run_time": { "type": "sensor", "description": "Engine run time", "datatype": "int16", "unit": "ms", "min": 0, "max": 10000 }, "idle_time": { "type": "sensor", "description": "Engine idle time", "datatype": "int16", "min": 0, "unit": "ms", "max": 10000 } } } } } } } } }, "Axle": { "type": "branch", "description": "Axle signals", "children": { "TireRRPrs": { "type": "sensor", "description": "TireRRPrs. Right rear Tire pressure in kilo-Pascal", "datatype": "float", "unit": "kPaG", "min": 0, "max": 1020 } } } } } }