PropertyType - AWS IoT SiteWise


Contains a property type, which can be one of attribute, measurement, metric, or transform.



Specifies an asset attribute property. An attribute generally contains static information, such as the serial number of an IIoT wind turbine.

Type: Attribute object

Required: No


Specifies an asset measurement property. A measurement represents a device's raw sensor data stream, such as timestamped temperature values or timestamped power values.

Type: Measurement object

Required: No


Specifies an asset metric property. A metric contains a mathematical expression that uses aggregate functions to process all input data points over a time interval and output a single data point, such as to calculate the average hourly temperature.

Type: Metric object

Required: No


Specifies an asset transform property. A transform contains a mathematical expression that maps a property's data points from one form to another, such as a unit conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Type: Transform object

Required: No

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