Exploring assets - AWS IoT SiteWise Monitor

Exploring assets

In AWS IoT SiteWise, an asset represents a device, a process, or a piece of equipment. You can use AWS IoT SiteWise Monitor to explore and visualize the property values for your assets. Each project in AWS IoT SiteWise Monitor is associated with a set of assets by the portal administrator. If you're a portal administrator, you can see all of the assets in the portal. If you're a project owner or a project viewer, you can see only the assets that are associated with the projects for which you are an owner or a viewer.

Assets can have different properties. Some properties don't change over time, such as the asset's location, model, serial number, and so on. Other properties have a series of values that are produced over time. Properties can update at different rates. You might have a temperature sensor that updates every second, and a product quality metric that updates every hour.

You can perform the following asset-related tasks:

Task Roles that can perform the task

Viewing asset data

Portal administrators can see all assets for the portal. Project owners and viewers can see only those assets that are associated with the projects to which they are invited.

Adding assets to projects

Only a portal administrator can change the list of assets that are associated with a project.

Adding asset properties to dashboards

Project owners add asset properties to dashboards. Portal administrators don't typically edit dashboards. Project viewers can't edit dashboards.