Using AWS IoT SiteWise APIs on the edge - AWS IoT SiteWise

Using AWS IoT SiteWise APIs on the edge

You can use a subset of the available AWS IoT SiteWise APIs along with edge-specific APIs to interact with asset models and their assets on the edge. The asset models must be configured to run at the edge. For more information, see Processing data at the edge.

Use these APIs to gather data about your asset models and assets, monitor your deployed portals and dashboard metrics, and get asset data gathered at the edge. This provides a central host in your network for interactions with AWS IoT SiteWise without requiring a web API call.


All available APIs for use with AWS IoT SiteWise edge devices

When working with devices on the edge you can use a variety of APIs to interact with AWS IoT SiteWise and complete tasks locally on the device.

Available AWS IoT SiteWise APIs

The following AWS IoT SiteWise APIs are available on edge devices:

Available edge-only APIs

The following APIs are used locally on devices on the edge:

  • Authenticate – Use this API to get the SigV4 temporary credentials that you'll use to make API calls.