Enabling edge data processing - AWS IoT SiteWise

Enabling edge data processing

You can use AWS IoT SiteWise Edge to collect, process, and monitor equipment data locally. You can use SiteWise Edge so that you can model your industrial data and SiteWise Monitor to create dashboards for your operational staff to visualize data locally. You can process your data locally and send it to the AWS Cloud, or process it on-premises by using the AWS IoT SiteWise API.

With AWS IoT SiteWise Edge, you can process raw data locally and choose to send only aggregated data to the AWS Cloud to optimize your bandwidth usage and cloud storage costs.

  • AWS IoT SiteWise retains your edge data on your SiteWise Edge gateways up to 30 days. The retention period of your data is dependent on the available disk space of your device.

  • If your SiteWise Edge gateway has been disconnected from the AWS Cloud for 30 days, the Data Processing Pack is automatically disabled.

Setting up edge capability

AWS IoT SiteWise provides the following packs that your SiteWise Edge gateway can use to determine how to collect and process your data. Select packs to enable edge capabilities for your SiteWise Edge gateway.

  • Data Collection Pack enables your SiteWise Edge gateway to collect data from multiple OPC-UA servers, and then export the data from the edge to the AWS Cloud. It becomes active once you have added data sources to your SiteWise Edge gateway.

  • Data Processing Pack enables your SiteWise Edge gateway to process your equipment data at the edge. For example, you can use asset models to compute metrics and transforms. For more information about asset models and assets, see Modeling industrial assets.


    The Data Processing Pack is only available on x86 platforms.

To configure edge capabilities
  1. Navigate to the AWS IoT SiteWise console.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Edge gateways.

  3. Select the SiteWise Edge gateway for which you want to activate edge capabilities.

  4. In the Edge capabilities section, choose Edit

  5. In the Edge capabilities section, select Enable data processing pack (incurs additional charges).

  6. (Optional) In the Edge LDAP connection section, you can grant user groups in your corporate directory access to this SiteWise Edge gateway. The user groups can use the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) credentials to access the SiteWise Edge gateway. Then they can use the AWS OpsHub for AWS IoT SiteWise application, AWS IoT SiteWise API operations, or other tools to manage the SiteWise Edge gateway. For more information, see Managing SiteWise Edge gateways.


    You can also use the Linux or Windows credentials to access the SiteWise Edge gateway. For more information, see Accessing your SiteWise Edge gateway using Linux operating system credentials.

    1. Select Activated.

    2. For Provider name, enter a name for your LDAP provider.

    3. For Hostname or IP address, enter the hostname or IP address of your LDAP server.

    4. For Port, enter a port number.

    5. For Base distinguished name (DN), enter a distinguished name (DN) for the base.

      The following attribute types are supported: commonName (CN), localityName (L), stateOrProvinceName (ST), organizationName (O), organizationalUnitName (OU), countryName (C), streetAddress (STREET), domainComponent (DC), and userid (UID).

    6. For Admin group DN, enter a DN.

    7. For User group DN, enter a DN.

  7. Choose Save.

Now that you've activated edge capabilities on your SiteWise Edge gateway, you need to configure your asset model for the edge. Your asset model edge configuration specifies where your assets properties are computed. You can compute all properties at the edge, or you can configure your asset model properties separately. Asset model properties include metrics, transforms, and measurements.

For more information about asset properties, see Defining data properties.

After you create your asset model, you can then configure it for the edge. For more information about configuring your asset model for the edge, see Creating an asset model (console).


Asset models and dashboards are automatically synced between the AWS Cloud and your SiteWise Edge gateway every 10 minutes. You can also sync manually from the local SiteWise Edge gateway application.