Key components of AWS IoT SiteWise - AWS IoT SiteWise

Key components of AWS IoT SiteWise

The following are the core components of AWS IoT SiteWise:

  • Gateway software – The gateway software comprises several AWS IoT Greengrass connectors provided by AWS IoT SiteWise. These connectors run on any platform that supports AWS IoT Greengrass (version 1.10.2 or later). The gateway software polls data streams over the OPC-UA, Modbus TCP, or Ethernet/IP protocol and uploads the data to AWS IoT SiteWise over a secured internet connection. The gateway software also caches data locally in case internet connectivity is interrupted. To learn how to configure the connectors in your gateway, see Ingesting data using a gateway.


    These connectors don't support AWS IoT Greengrass version 2.

    With the data processing pack enabled, the gateway software can process data locally and then send the data to the AWS Cloud. For more information about processing data locally, see Enabling edge data processing.

  • Local gateway application – An application that you can use to monitor your local edge-configured gateways, asset models, and assets on your local device. For more information about processing data locally, see Enabling edge data processing.

  • Resources – Asset models and monitor dashboards that are configured for the edge.

  • Gateway management – Tools that the AWS IoT SiteWise console provides so that you can configure your edge gateways and update existing gateway configurations. To learn how to configure gateways and sources, see Adding the gateway to AWS IoT SiteWise.

  • Asset modeling – Tools provided in the AWS IoT SiteWise console to model assets, processes, and facilities. You can create multiple assets from asset models and uploaded data streams. You can define assets as children of other assets to represent processes and entire facilities, and you can define transforms and metrics that AWS IoT SiteWise computes from the uploaded data streams. AWS IoT SiteWise also automatically computes a set of basic aggregates for your data. To learn how to create models and assets, see Modeling industrial assets. To learn how to query aggregated asset property values, see Querying asset property aggregates.

  • AWS IoT SiteWise Monitor – A data visualization and monitoring web application that you and others can access from any device. You can configure portals and dashboards with unique subsets of your industrial operation for your non-technical employees to gain insights from. To learn how to configure SiteWise Monitor, see Monitoring data with AWS IoT SiteWise Monitor. To learn how to use the SiteWise Monitor web application, see the AWS IoT SiteWise Monitor Application Guide.

  • AWS IoT Core integration – An AWS IoT Core rules action to ingest data to AWS IoT SiteWise and an option to publish asset property values to MQTT topics for integration with other AWS services. To learn how to ingest data from AWS IoT Core, see Ingesting data using AWS IoT Core rules. To learn how to send asset property data to AWS IoT Core, see Interacting with other AWS services.

  • CLI and SDKs – An API that lets you create, manage, and update your assets, portals, and dashboards. You can use the API to read assets' current, historical, and aggregated property values. You can also use the API to upload data to asset properties. The AWS IoT SiteWise API is available in the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) and in SDKs for various programming languages.