Managing data streams - AWS IoT SiteWise

Managing data streams

Before you dive into creating asset models and assets in AWS IoT SiteWise, start by setting up your data sources to send information directly from your industrial equipment to the platform. AWS IoT SiteWise is designed to automatically generate data streams that collect your raw data. Each of the data streams is identified by a unique alias, making it easier to keep track of the origin for each piece of data.

For example, consider a wind farm using an AWS IoT SiteWise Edge gateway to send data on air temperature, propeller rotation speed, and power output time-series data from an OPC-UA server to AWS IoT SiteWise. The server1-windfarm/3/turbine/7/temperature data stream alias identifies temperature values coming from turbine #7 in wind farm #3. server1 is the name of the OPC-UA data source. The server1 prefix is used for all data streams coming from this server, helping to organize data by its source.

After you create the asset models and assets, organize the influx of data by associating each data stream with specific asset properties. This association allows AWS IoT SiteWise to not just collect, but also to process the data according to the structure of your assets. If necessary, you can also remove the link between data streams and asset properties.

Currently, you can only associate data streams with measurements. Measurements are a type of asset property that represent devices' raw sensor data streams, such as timestamped temperature values or timestamped rotations per minute (RPM) values.

When these measurements define metrics or transformations, the incoming data triggers specific calculations. It’s important to note that an asset property can only be linked to one data stream at a time.


An asset property can't be associated with multiple data streams at the same time.

AWS IoT SiteWise uses TimeSeries for the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) resource to determine your storage charges. For more information, see AWS IoT SiteWise Pricing.

The following sections show you how to use the AWS IoT SiteWise console or API to manage data streams.