Programming devices to work with jobs - AWS IoT Core

Programming devices to work with jobs

The examples in this section use MQTT to illustrate how a device works with the AWS IoT Jobs service. Alternatively, you could use the corresponding API or CLI commands. For these examples, we assume a device called MyThing that subscribes to the following MQTT topics:

  • $aws/things/MyThing/jobs/notify (or $aws/things/MyThing/jobs/notify-next)

  • $aws/things/MyThing/jobs/get/accepted

  • $aws/things/MyThing/jobs/get/rejected

  • $aws/things/MyThing/jobs/jobId/get/accepted

  • $aws/things/MyThing/jobs/jobId/get/rejected

If you are using code signing for AWS IoT your device code must verify the signature of your code file. The signature is in the job document in the codesign property. For more information about verifying a code file signature, see Device Agent Sample.