Document history for the AWS IoT Events Developer Guide - AWS IoT Events

Document history for the AWS IoT Events Developer Guide

The following table describes the documentation for this release of AWS IoT Events.

Change Description Date
Additions Added Region information to Working with other AWS services. May 07, 2020
Additions, Updates Added the Payload Customization feature and new event actions: Amazon DynamoDB and AWS IoT SiteWise. April 27, 2020
Edits Added new descriptions of state machine concepts. General editing of content. October 31, 2019
Additions Added new built-in functions for detector model conditional expressions. September 10, 2019
Additions Added detector model examples. August 5, 2019
Additions Added new event actions: Lambda, Amazon SQS, Kinesis Data Firehose and AWS IoT Events input. July 19, 2019
Additions, Corrections Corrected description of 'timeout()' function. Added best practice regarding account inactivity. June 11, 2019
Corrections Updated: console debug options page image; console permissions policy. June 5, 2019
Update AWS IoT Events service open to general availability. May 30, 2019