AWS IoT Events
Developer Guide

How to Use AWS IoT Events to Monitor Your IoT Devices and Processes

This chapter goes into more depth about how to create inputs and detector models to monitor your devices or processes, and take action when important conditions are detected. In this chapter, you can do the following.

  • Get help deciding what states to include in your detector model and whether you need one detector instance or several.

  • Follow an example that uses the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI). Create an input to receive telemetry data from a device and a detector model to monitor and report on the state of the device that sends that data.

  • Learn more about the syntax of expressions used in event conditions. This is how you build the logic, which determines if the state of a device or process has changed and if an action should be taken.

  • Learn how AWS IoT Events interacts with other AWS IoT services, such as how to send an Amazon SNS message when a device or process changes state.

  • Review restrictions and limitations on inputs, detector models, and on the AWS IoT Events service.

  • See a more complex example of a detector model, with comments included.