Delete a detector - AWS IoT Events

Delete a detector

This topic shows how to delete one or more detectors. You can use these steps to clean up any unused or deprecated detectors.

  1. Open the AWS IoT Events console .

  2. To expand the navigation pane, choose the menu.

            The navigation menu at the top of the nativation bar.
  3. In the navigation pane, choose Detector models.

            The navigation pane menu option for Detector models.
  4. Select the name of the Detector Model for the detectors that you want to delete.

            A selected detector model in the Dectector models section.
  5. In the Detectors section, find the name of the detector you want to delete and select the check box next to it.

    A selected detector in the Detectors section.
  6. Also in the Detectors section, choose Delete.

    The Delete button in the Detectors section.
  7. In the dialog box that appears, confirm that you want to delete the selected detector by entering delete in the text box.

    A dialog box showing that the word delete is entered in the confirm deletion text box.
  8. Choose Delete.

    The Delete button in the confirm deletion dialog box.