AWS IoT Events
Developer Guide

Create an Input

In this topic, you define an input to receive telemetry data (messages).

  1. Open the AWS IoT Events console.

  2. In the AWS IoT Events console, choose Create detector model.

            Create a detector model in the AWS IoT Events console.
  3. Choose Create new.

  4. When you construct your detector models and inputs, you might want to gather files containing example message payloads that your devices or processes send to report their status. This makes it easier for you to define the inputs that you need.


    For this example, on your local file system, create a file named input.json with the following contents.

    { "motorid": "Fulton-A32", "sensorData": { "pressure": 23, "temperature": 47 } }
  5. Choose Create input.

  6. For the input, enter an InputName, a Description, and choose Upload file. In the dialog box, choose the JSON file that contains the example message ("input.json").

  7. For Choose input attributes, select the attributes to use and choose Create. This example selects motorid and sensorData.pressure but doesn't use sensorData.temperature.