AWS IoT Events
Developer Guide

AWS IoT Events Service Limits

Resource Description Limit Adjustable?
Detector models per input The maximum number of detector models that can be associated with a single input. 10 no
Message size The maximum size of a message (in Kilobytes). 10 yes
Messages per detector per second The maximum number of messages that can be sent to a detector in a second. 10 no
Detectors per detector model The maximum number of detectors that can be created by a detector model. 100,000 yes
Detector model definition size The maximum size (in Kilobytes) of a detector model definition. 512 no
Detector models The maximum number of detector models for this account. 50 yes
Detector model versions The maximum number of versions of a single detector model for this account. 500 yes
Inputs The maximum number of inputs for this account. 50 yes
Trigger expressions The maximum number of trigger expressions per state. 20 yes
State variables per detector model definition The maximum number of state variables in a detector model definition. 50 yes
Timers scheduled per detector The maximum number of timers that can be scheduled by a detector. 5 yes
API Limit Description Adjustable?
BatchPutMessage 1000 transactions per second yes
  • All names for detector models and inputs must be unique within an account.

  • Detector model and input names can't be changed once created.