Getting started with AWS IoT RoboRunner - AWS IoT RoboRunner

AWS IoT RoboRunner is in preview release and is subject to change.

Getting started with AWS IoT RoboRunner

To get started with AWS IoT RoboRunner, you access the AWS Management Console to create and configure your facility (for example, site name and location). AWS IoT RoboRunner automatically creates centralized and managed repositories for storing facility, robot, destination, and task data. Next, you download the AWS IoT RoboRunner task manager and Fleet Manager Gateway sample applications to your development environment.

Developers can use AWS IoT RoboRunner's APIs and customize the sample applications to integrate new robot vendors and types, as well as build robotics management applications on top of the centralized repositories. Common examples of robotics management applications developers can build include multi-robot collaboration, space management, location, and health status monitoring and visualization. Once you have developed and tested your customized task manager code, you can deploy it to AWS to run as an AWS Lambda function, and deploy your Fleet Manager Gateway code on-premise to run as an AWS IoT Greengrass component.