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Getting Started with Amazon IVS Chat

Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS) Chat is a managed, live-chat feature to go alongside your live video streams. (IVS Chat also can be used without a video stream.) You can create chat rooms and enable chat sessions between your users.

Amazon IVS Chat lets you focus on building customized chat experiences alongside live video. You don't need to manage infrastructure or develop and configure components of your chat workflows. Amazon IVS Chat is scalable, secure, reliable, and cost effective.

Amazon IVS Chat works best to facilitate messaging between participants of a live-video stream with a beginning and an end.

The rest of this document takes you through the steps to build your first chat application using Amazon IVS Chat.

Examples: The following demo apps are available (three sample clients apps and a backend server app for token creation):

Important: Chat rooms that have no new connections or updates for 24 months are automatically deleted.